Diagnostic Laboratory Suppliers provides a comprehensive range of products to its broad and diverse customer base. The product portfolio includes Medical Devices, Laboratory Equipment, Consumables and Reagents.

Though our areas of competence are wide, we Supply, Repair, Service and offer Preventative Maintenance Contracts for the following:

  • Clinical Diagnostic Instrumentation
  • All Laboratory Equipment
  • Medical and X-Ray Equipment
  • Sterilization Equipment
  • Analytical Instrumentation
  • Autoclaves & Centrifuges
  • Electronic Balances
  • Incubators & Microscopes
  • Water baths & PH meters
  • Laminar Flow & Safety Cabinets

Clinical Chemistry Analyzers (Fully automated)
Haematology Analysers
Clinical Chemistry Analyzers (Semi-automated)
Electrolyte Analyzers
Blood Gas Analyzers
Automatic Tissue Processors
Incubators & Autoclaves
Table Top Centrifuges & Mixers
Integrator Chromatographic
Hemoglobinometers & pH Meters
HbA1c Analyzers Densitometers
Electrophoresis Systems
U-V Spectrophotometers

Storage cabinets
Laboratory Refrigerators 2-8
OC, -20OC
Blood Bank Refrigerators
Medical & Pharmaceutical Refrigerators
Ultra Freezers

Microbiology kits
Clinical Chemistry kits
kits Serology kits
Parasitology kits
Point of Care kits (Glucometer etc.)
Rapid kits (HIV, Malaria, HCV, HBV, Syphilis)
Immunology kits
Laboratory Glassware and accessories
Analytical Laboratory Chemicals

Microbiology testing
Mycotoxin analysis
Vitamin analysis
Food allergens
Residue and contaminants
Reference material

Stethoscopes & Cardiology devices
Foetal & Labour activity monitors
Vital signs monitors (incl. Pulse Oximeters)
Laryngoscopes & Diagnostic Sets
Thermometer & BP Machines
Anaesthetic machines
Defibrillators & Ventilators
Theatre tables
Hospital beds & furniture
Imaging equipment (USS, X-Ray, CT, MRI)

Forceps and Scarpel Handles
Scissors, Graspers and Dissectors
Cautery probes & Tips
Diathermy machines
General surgery instruments
Surgical sundries & consumables
Laparoscopy instrumentation
Endoscopy units
Advanced wound care products